Rest for the Weary

Mark and I just returned from a quick drive over to Chattanooga and back, through our state’s Appalachian mountains. It was business, and it was also a time away. Travel especially in COVID is even more work than it used to be. AirBnB hosts were rusty, the cabins a little shabby. We cooked for days before we went and ate mostly in our homes (and at roadside tables).

Yet even with all the added pressure, there’s something healing about time away from the never-ending to-do lists in our homes and offices. We are meant to see new things that change the way the old things look when we return to them.

That’s how a good morning at church on Sunday should be, too. The world just doesn’t present us with the same images as the Bible. It’s the difference between sitting in eight lanes of rush-hour traffic, and sitting at the foot of a waterfall. One constantly tells us to do more, the other invites us to stop doing and just be.

Yes, there’s a lot of doing at church – just like there’s a lot of doing to travel. But suddenly, you’re at the moment where God invites you to just be, with a new insight, a new view on life, a new experience or interpretation that changes your to-do list altogether.

This week, we go back to James to find a to-do list that focuses on the healing of prayer to cover “a multitude of sins.” My late mom used to say that phrase all the time – maybe you’ve heard it too. Join with us on Sunday to learn what James might have meant – that could help our souls heal a little more today. God bless!