Endings are Hard

What is your least satisfying ending of an otherwise really good book or movie?

It’s amazing to me how often I enjoy a story until the ending, when it just seems like the author didn’t know how to wrap up all the wonderful stuff that had just transpired. Endings are hard! Steven Spielberg showed several different endings to “Jaws” to focus groups. The book did NOT end with the shark exploding and both the police chief and marine biologist living to see another day. But that was the ending most satisfying to the focus group audiences, so that’s the one that was released.

I’ve never met a person who liked the ending of Job. SPOILER ALERT: Job repents and then gets back “double everything he had before,” so ten new kids are born and more wealth than ever is added. After forty-one chapters of self-righteous suffering, Job repents and gets rewarded. But most people hate this ending for a variety of reasons.

They wonder whether Job forgot all the children who have died, just because new ones are born. They wonder whether after all Job has been through, God’s capricious restoration made it as if it never happened. Or maybe God was buying Job off? Is the message that if God’s people persevere in our faith, we can expect to win the lottery?

Some of us have questions like this regarding the resurrection of Christ, as well. That particular ending is so troublesome for many of the faithful that the writers of “Jesus Christ Superstar” left it out altogether.

Tune in Sunday in person or on the livestream as the Scripture invites us into these uncomfortable questions and beyond.