All We Have

A Message from Rev. Marguerite

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back an hour on Nov. 6! The nights are already coming faster even before the time change. It reminds me how all of our days get shorter if we are lucky to live long enough on this planet. Life goes by before we know what we ought to do with it. Suddenly the time we have left is so short. What do we do with what we have?

That’s an interesting question for Stewardship Season, and it’s also an interesting question for All Saints Sunday. Every year we take time to remember our church members who have joined the Church Triumphant the last twelve months: this year, we remember Fred Best and Clarence Parks. But we also remember all the folks who made an impact in our lives — parents, teachers, uncles, aunts, grandparents, even pastors – who are no longer with us in this life. What did they leave behind that is so precious? What does that tell us about how we give, what we leave behind?

That is such a hard question, and every year at the same time the days get shorter and another year is about to get behind us, the church launches a stewardship campaign that asks everyone what do we have to give to the church? Where does the church fit into the plans we have for all we have?

I’m aware that the church can’t compete with all the many options people have these days for their time, treasure and talent. So many of us are used to doing everything online now the whole idea of gathering at church seems so yesteryear. And yet, it’s like going to the gym — we may resist going, but once we do, we feel so much better. There is nothing like incarnational work, working with other people on a goal greater than any one of us could do ourselves, to energize and inspire us. If people didn’t get anything back from their giving, the church would have died out a long time ago.

How can Mt. Bethel give all we have to welcome, include, connect with all, so that together, we learn how God would have us love and serve? What if everything we had were put to this purpose and realized this vision? How would that transform each one of us? And our community?

It is time to dream dreams, see visions, and fill out pledge cards! See you in church – or online.