Mt. Bethel has supported the ministry of John McCall and his ministry in Taiwan — for more information, see Presbyterian Mission.Org:

Photo of John McCall

“John McCall has been serving in Taiwan for over 16 years.  He spends a lot of time on trains, buses, and subways as he travels throughout Taiwan teaching courses on ministry and spiritual formation at the three seminaries of the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan. John leads groups of pastors in different parts of Taiwan that meet monthly to find encouragement and challenge.  “I have the privilege of accompanying both seminary students and pastors as they seek to be Christ’s light and salt in this land,”   he says. Most every weekend John is in a different church or presbytery teaching and preaching and equipping the leadership of the Taiwanese church.  Many of these churches are indigenous, located in the high mountains, on the coast, or in Taiwan’s teeming cities.