We are a mission community welcoming all people seeking to know God,
especially God as revealed through Jesus Christ.
Our vision is to love God and love our neighbors as ourselves.
We try to fulfill this through worship, education, fellowship and outreach.
Come be part of our family and join us for the journey!

As Transitional Pastor at Mt. Bethel Presbyterian Church, I invite you into our remote community at a time when we need to connect to each other and our God more deeply than ever.

We ask everyone who visits this webpage to prayerfully consider:

  1. Praying for every family in the world affected by COVID-19 physically, spiritually, and economically
  2. Finding a remote learning or fellowship opportunity offered by groups at Mt. Bethel to connect with those who are searching, just like you, for God’s guidance in a time of transition and uncertainty
  3. Viewing our virtual worship services this Advent by the light of your own candles, or even homemade Advent wreath, to focus on the hope, peace, love and joy that a life centered on Christ can create in a dark and hurting world

Signs of hope are everywhere. We will make it through the pandemic, and the transition in pastoral leadership at Mt. Bethel. There will be another side.

In the meantime, God calls us to make it through the wilderness by becoming God’s people, united in the knowledge that now more than ever, we need God and we need one another. While we wait for the coming of Christ at Advent we are to actively cultivate the spiritual gifts of patience, mutual forbearance, hope, charity, and love, which everyone needs from us now. In that spirit, and by the grace of God in THE Spirit, connect with us. Come and be a part of the church in the remote ministry of your choice.

Blessings, Rev. Marguerite Sirrine, Transitional Pastor

For first-time visitors and guests, please download a copy of our Information page.

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