We are a mission community welcoming all people seeking to know God,
especially God as revealed through Jesus Christ.

Our new vision statement is:

To welcome, include, and connect with all, so that together,
we learn how God would have us love and serve.

May the grace of Jesus Christ and the love of God be with each of you!

As we begin the month of June with COVID vaccinations in full swing, plans for worshipping in the sanctuary again are well underway. Painting and repairs of the sanctuary ceiling, narthex walls and exterior trim need to be completed first as well as the installation of our new livestream system. We know that not everyone will be ready to resume in-person worship at the same time, so our livestream will continue to offer everyone an in-home option.

This summer, you can keep taking worship with you. Remind yourself of what you gained during the COVID restrictions that you want to remember: not taking anyone for granted, especially the older people in your life; appreciating nature and a slower pace of life; being more mindful of consumption and our use of the planet’s resources. God figures pretty prominently in all of this, reminding us that nothing lasts forever except the Word of God. Let us live the abundant life that honors what we’ve been given this summer, with thanksgiving and deep appreciation.

So, thank you all, and I deeply appreciate the opportunity to serve as your transitional pastor. Hope to see each of you in person soon!

Blessings, Rev. Marguerite Sirrine, Transitional Pastor

For first-time visitors and guests, please download a copy of our Information page.

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