The Memorial Garden and Columbarium may be used for:

  • Private meditation
  • Interment or scattering of ashes of the cremated human remains
  • Memorial recognition of persons whose ashes are scattered in the Memorial Garden
  • Memorial recognition of persons whose remains are interred elsewhere.

The Memorial Garden and Columbarium are located on the north front side of the church. The Columbarium is a semicircular wall. It presently has 35 niches with area for expansion on both sides for a total of 95 niches. All niches have granite removal covers for interment of ashes. Nine niches have a different color granite to form a cross. Each niche measures 12”x12”x12” and may contain the ashes of one or two persons.


A Columbarium is designed to meet the growing trend of our society and church membership to use cremation at the time of death and to have interment of family members near the church.  Mt. Bethel’s Columbarium was dedicated on Easter of 2006.

Update as of March 2023:

The Columbarium policy is in the process of being reviewed.  For any questions, please contact the church office.