Urban Ministries of Durham – We prepare and serve meals at the Community Cafe; every other month on the fourth Wednesday night.

Durham Congregations in Action  

Every month our children collect the Cents-Ability offering to help feed the hungry, in Durham and the world.  We also participate in Durham’s Crop Walk and the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina.


On November 6, members of Mt. Bethel Presbyterian Church led by Courtenay Clifford (representing the Mt Bethel Outreach Committee and Antiracism Group) supported TreesDurham.org (https://www.treesdurham.org/) in their work to improve the children’s playground located behind Shepherd’s House Methodist Church.  They planted trees, spread mulch, set up planting beds, and facilitated general cleaning.  The photo shows the completion of planting a tree we named “Ralph.”  (Who knew recently planted trees should be named!)
If you would like to support future TreesDurham tree planting events sign up on their event web page at:  https://www.flipcause.com/secure/volunteer/MTMwNzY4