Thanks for the Memories

Of our first Sunday worshipping in the sanctuary…..and there was no power. The folks who didn’t get the message or who came to help out and gathered and had a moment of silence for the squirrel who gave his life to delay our first livestream, but not our first worship together in person since COVID. Remember the high scores on Adaptability/Flexibility from Holy Cow? Capitalize on those strengths, even if it makes you go a little nuts sometimes!

Of Wilton Reardon coming to worship with Jadie Rogers, and joining the Lunch Bunch with Lou Hales and the gang afterwards.

For so many wonderful visits in porches, backyards, decks, and living rooms, sharing memories and laughing about life. My first home visit was with Darlene Robertson!

For the faithfulness to keep coming to worship even when it’s not what it had been in the past. Maybe even because it wasn’t what it had been. Keep being open to that new life!

For all the energy going into the St. Nick’s outreach effort.

For enriching discussion in the adult Sunday morning groups, Dave’s podcast group and Ken and Paul’s Present Word group. It was great!

For challenging my viewpoints and priorities – in an intelligent and grace-filled manner.

For giving me a parting gift that absolutely stunned me in its timing and generosity! Use that focus and energy to do great things in your community.

For finding the joy in every challenge of this time in the church, in our families, in our nation, in our world. You embody “DO THIS IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME” — the light of the world!

May this year’s Christmas memories be unforgettable for their hard-earned reality of what life can be, and what it can’t. Treasure the moments.

Blessings & thank you,

Marguerite Sirrine