The PNC continues to develop our MIF, the first part of the process in discerning who God is calling to be the Pastor of Mt. Bethel Church. We’ve agreed that devotional time is critical to this process of discernment.  The PNC has been meeting regularly since December, and each meeting starts with one member sharing a Bible passage, interpretation, theological question and/ or prayer.  This time of listening, discussing, and praying helps prepare our minds to be open, humble, and receptive to and collaborative with each other and the Holy Spirit!  Each devotion time has led us into deeper conversation and connection.  Here’s a brief summary of devotion themes and topics we’ve discussed so far.

12/6 Dave – Advent message highlighting the worshipfulness of the in-between.
12/21 Ellen – Isaiah 7 and Matthew 1 – 2 paths – The minor key of O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.
1/6 Amy – Epiphany as an invitation to see things anew.
1/13 Mark – A harvest devotion on the importance of prayer in our process with references to the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. Seeking God’s Kingdom means trusting, worshiping and noticing.
1/20 Kristen – a Lectio Divina prayer with silence (request from the group to pray this prayer again during our process).
1/27 Dave – Congregational response has fed a feeling of seeing the “living stones” that make up our worshiping community. 1 Peter 2:4-8
2/3 Ellen-  2 Corinthians: Perseverance vs Endurance and the role exhaustion can play in our process. Open water swimmer, Florence Chadwick – unseen finish line and holding hope in the unseen.